This is my site with my work on it. Ship designs are mine and should only be used in sci-fi type games. They are free, If you paid for them, then you got taken. No linking nor copying to such sites as Pinterest. Thank you.



This will be my house rules, such as they are.

a ) I intend to come up with star ship drives.

b ) I’ll be putting maps, maybe some ships, etc. here.

c ) If you are having problems keeping track of my updates, you could always sign up for my RSS feed at the bottom of the page.

d ) I have decided to use the Drift Node method of Interstellar travel used in Starfinder for this site. I’ll come up with a map. For those who don’t know, a star ship can go anywhere a drop node is located in 5d6 days. It doesn’t work for traveling to other galaxies.

e ) I’ll be adding planets for locations outside the solar system.

f ) And I have added a drop node map.

g) Adding planets made by using Fractal Terrains 3. A stand-alone program from Profantasy.


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