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This will be my house rules, such as they are.

Stutterwarp drive:

I think I will set up this as, using Traveller info, Tech level 10. Idea from reading the chart on page 17 of the Classic Traveller Starter Edition 2 charts.pdf. I will modify the Stutterwarp information to what I think will fit better with this game.

I’m not very good with game design, I have been told, so this may or may not work out.

The document on FreeLance Traveller states this drive is at Tech level 16 or better. Well, my supposition is this technology was found on a star ship wreck in the outer solar system, or it was placed there by being from outside the solar system to see what the humans would do with it.

I can see that this could very quickly get out of hand… as my imagination could kick in and mess things up.

For now, I’ll use the charts in the pdf.

One possible scenario is that a down on its luck crew could find it, go to the Alpha Centauri A-B system, return, try to make an announcement, and people laugh at them. Or take them seriously, and everyone then tries to steal the ship.


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