This is my site with my work on it. Ship designs are mine and should only be used in sci-fi type games. They are free, If you paid for them, then you got taken. No linking nor copying to such sites as Pinterest. Thank you.

Escort, In system, upper deck


Liquid fueled.


The potted plants are a special variety that thrives on CO2. Gives off oxygen due to photosynthesis from special lights over each one. They assist the air plant…

18) corridor
19) corridor
20) port sensor array
21) starboard sensor array
22) corridor
drive parts between
23) corridor
24) Ward Room
25) Galley
26) Sick Bay
27) Officer’s Lounge
28) Commander’s stateroom
29) Navigator’s stateroom
30) Chief Engineer’s stateroom
31) Medic’s stateroom
32) Computer room
33) Air Lock
34) Ship’s locker
35) Bridge
36) Avionics
37) not drawn, Dorsal barbette


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